Intuition - The Hidden Power in Dating

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When I was talking to a friend (whom I hadn't seen since school) the other day, I realized that I had omitted one of the elements that can cause an absolute change in your dating lives.
She told me her story which I felt the need to share with you.
Yolanda was a carefree woman who is single.
One day, she was on her way home from her work when she heard a voice which told her, "Take a longer route back home.
" Yolanda was already bushed from a day's work.
However, Yolanda still took the longer route through the garden.
When she was walking, she met an ex-colleague whom she didn't meet in nearly a decade.
This man is now her husband.
Why I want to tell you this story is because I need to tell you that it is possible that we can find love almost everywhere and anytime.
Yolanda was very tired from her work but she listened to her voice.
Before I go further, I would like to say that attractive people go in tune with their intuition.
Ever wondered why the attractive lady picked the same coffee with the particular cinnamon topping as you in that coffee bar this morning? Usually, intuition allows us to choose our ideal love partners.
In fact, many couples who found true love actually choose their partners by pure intuition.
All of us get gut feelings at some point in our lives.
But, we often ignore or dismiss them.
For example, a voice asks you to go for a job but you just miss it.
Who knows? You might miss the opportunity to meet a gorgeous lady who is an occasional jogger?

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