Is Your Apartment Too Small? Top Three Tips for Dealing With the Lack of Space

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Space is a problem in most urban dwellings.
With rising real estate prices, acquiring more of it becomes increasingly difficult - especially for the average salaried employee.
So what can you do if you have so much stuff to put in very limited space? How will you manage fit everything in and still have enough room to walk around on? There are simple ways to deal with this, and these ways can be done right away.
Dispose of items that you don't need anymore, especially those that do not hold any personal value.
For example, we all love putting old things in the garage.
By cleaning up the garage, we can have more storage space to put all the more important stuff in.
You can even put them in yard sale and earn extra money! Reorganize.
Put those belongings that you don't use often in the harder-to-reach areas of the house, and those that you frequently use either stays where they are, or be relocated to more accessible areas.
Learn to use the space under the bed, or that space on top of a cabinet.
Do not let that blender or food processor stay on the counter top if you don't cook a lot anyway.
Get only furnishings which are designed to take the least floor area possible while still maintaining their functionality.
These usually cost no more than their traditional counterparts.
As an example, choose cabinets that have drawer guides in them.
Drawer guides allow you to stack more clothes in a single compartment without worrying about how to get them out.
Space is a legitimate issue among most of us but we don't have to get bankrupt to get more of it.
It's just a matter of putting things in their right places and playing it smart.

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