How to Select Colors for Your Color Printing Materials

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It can sometimes be difficult to make an impression on people with direct mail marketing pieces.
In fact, the majority of marketing brochures, postcards, and sales letters that are received are either briefly scanned, or immediately thrown away.
With all of the junk that most of us get in our mailbox every day, standing out among the detritus requires careful planning of both distribution and design.
Additionally, color can really make graphics and text stand out.
Here is your guide for selecting the best color printing options.
Use Color to Emphasize Text Color is an incredibly effective tool in emphasizing text, even more so than using bold or italic type.
In general, the smaller the text you use on your printed materials, the less vivid the color needs to be to still be readable.
The point of using a colored font is to make text readable at a glance.
Be aware that when you use color as a background for your text, try to use lighter shades to make it as easy as possible to read.
When designing, take note that the colors you see on a computer screen will typically be darker than the printed materials.
Use Accent Colors An accent color can help you convey information quickly and easily, allowing your audience to connect the dots within your message.
Accent shades are best used for headings, coupon codes, information your recipients will use to contact you, as well as particular product or brand names, and any key benefits you want to stress in your message.
Red tones are some of the most popular accents since the ink is often cheaper, and more effective in drawing attention.
Since so many people will only briefly scan your materials, using an accent color will help convey critical information to your customers.
Use Your Logo Colors Your logo is one of the most critical parts of your brand, and as such it should be on every marketing piece.
Create a consistent branding message by using the colors from your logo on each printed piece.
If you have yet to design your logo, use colors that can be used in your brochures and postcards in headings and highlighted particulars in your text.
Using the same colors on your logo and in your text will also help you save on printing costs since you will use fewer inks.
Take Your Paper Choice Seriously In general, there are two different kinds of brochure or postcard paper: un-coated and coated.
Depending on whether you use coating or not, your color choices could look dramatically different.
A third alternative involved with coating and paper choices is using a special type of coating that provides an illusion of texture, while actually presenting a completely smooth finish.
The color of paper you use can also have a big effect on the finished product.
Since ink is not opaque, using varying shades of ink with different shades of paper color can create a new and unexpected color palette.
With careful consideration of the colors you use for both your text, graphics, and paper choices, you will be far more successful drawing attention to your printed products.

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