Top Main Reasons to Avoid Unlimited Hosting Account

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Many web-users often wonder if they need to get themselves an unlimited hosting account for their online business.
The truth is that, unlimited hosting is really not necessary.
Here are main reasons which best support the idea of avoiding any unlimited hosting accounts.
-Most of the unlimited hosting accounts which claim themselves to be providing unlimited hosting don't really cover everything unlimited as what they have stated in their advertisement or website.
Most of the time, what the customers may get are unlimited numbers of domains on the same hosting account, but they are unlikely to get unlimited resources from the web hosting provider even through unlimited hosting account.
-It has been very difficult for reliable backups to be done properly by the host of all the data in the unlimited hosting account.
Even though some web-owners claim to perform the backups of their own files themselves, nevertheless your dynamic data and information would be lost if your web hosting provider does not have sound reliable backups on their server.
-An unlimited hosting account often comes with huge gobs of space and memory which are available to their customers at any one time.
The server performance is often being sacrificed for space in this case.
This will result in slower page loading and slower file transferring as the server is over-loaded with unlimited, abundant resources which often results in low productivity for your online business most of the time.
-The most avid fans for this type of hosting account being those web-masters who are in illegal business such as those producing un-genuine software, music, videos, CD that need to use a lot of resources from the web hosting to fulfill their business needs.
Having your site in close vicinity with these "web-masters" expose additional risk to your site because of frequent downtime and instability.
Your site might get black-listed as well by the search engines as you are the sharing the same IP address with these unsavory web-masters.
-It has been a true fact that the host can only focus on the spec and not the quality of their service and support.
Rarely would we find an unlimited hosting provider who also ensures the quality of the website with supreme support.
Unlimited web hosting offer unlimited bytes and bits to gauge their profits at the expense of the quality of their hosting services.
-With unlimited account, should there are any users who always push the utilization of the hosting resources to the limit, not realizing or care less about the consequences which might happen to the rest of the websites sharing the same server with them.
Havoc will occur when the website is at its ceiling level.
Database would get corrupted, operating system become unstable, files cannot be uploaded, online traffic cannot be processed, pages cannot be loaded etc.
Therefore with unlimited hosting account, it may sound attractive to some of the web-masters but at for most of the time, great risk and disaster is what the outcome.

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