Want To Keep Him Attracted to You? Keep Him Interested For The Years And Decades To Come!

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Are you remembering that in the early stages of your relationship, it was no problem to keep him attracted to you? Are you worried to see the beginning signs that he may not be as fascinated in you anymore? Would you like to find out what you can do to keep him interested? You remember how it was in the beginning, when it was him who did the chasing and you'd like to find out what you can do to keep him attracted to you.
Real Men Chase Guys are so competitive that they love the thrill of the chase and the idea of going after a woman who they see as being exciting and interesting.
It's a challenge to try to get the woman who doesn't seem all that interested.
If you're smart you'll use that little bit of information to your advantage.
It's easy to keep him attracted to you if you get his attention and keep him interested.
Think about what you did to get his attention in the first place and keep doing those kinds of things, even after you're involved in a relationship.
That's what keeps things interesting and exciting for a guy.
Don't Pretend But at the same time, be true to yourself.
This can be difficult especially if you sense that he's not as interested as he used to be.
The natural inclination, when you've fallen for a guy and don't want to lose him is to change yourself into the woman you think he wants.
But you have to ask yourself if this is really going to work because after all, he didn't fall for this woman; he fell for the woman he met.
So maybe the biggest problem is not what you think.
Take a step back and think about what attracted him to you at first.
If he enjoyed the teasing banter that you carried on between the two of you, why have you stopped doing that? It's a way of asserting your own personality and matching him every step of the way.
Listen, if he didn't like that in a woman, he wouldn't have gone out with you for long anyway.
Flirt, Flirt, Flirt! Get back to acting flirty, as well.
Stop looking to him for the lead in how to act.
Flirting is a lighthearted way of showing that you find the other person attractive and interesting.
He needs to know that you still look at him this way too because when you think about it, you're sending the guy you flirt with, a message that you're paying attention and you want the same from him too.
It's really not hard to keep him attracted to you, if you just remember to be yourself- the woman he was attracted to in the beginning.
If you'd like more surefire ways to get his attention and keep it, I've got just the thing for you!

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