Compaq S700 System Specs

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    Viewing Area and Dimensions

    • The Compaq S700 is a 17-inch monitor with a 15.7- inch viewing area. The monitor's dimensions are 14.49 inches high by 16.23 inches wide by 16.42 inches deep.

    Refresh Rate

    • The S700's refresh rate, or response time, depends on the graphics setting chosen. At a 1280 x 1024 pixel display setting, the monitor's refresh rate is only 65 Hz, with a preset graphics mode reducing it to 60 Hz. At a 640 x 350 display setting, the refresh rate is able to reach 155 Hz, and configurable to 85 Hz.


    • The S700 is plug-and-play equipped, meaning that there is no additional software required to install in order to use it. However, it uses a 15-pin VGA D-sub signal cable, and is not USB compatible.


    • As a Plug-And-Play device, the Compaq S700 should be compatible with any Windows or Mac desktop that includes a 15-pin VGA port. However, the following systems are the only devices confirmed by the manufacturer:

      -Compaq Armada (7800, 7400, 6500, 3500, 1750, 1700, and 1500c) Portables

      -Compaq Deskpro (EN series) Desktops

      -Compaq Professional (XP1000 and AP500) Workstations

      -Compaq Proliant (7000 Xeon, 6500 Xeon, 6000 Xeon, 5500 Xeon, 3000 Pentium II, 3000 6/450, 3000 6/500, 1600 [100MHz], and 800 [500MHz]) Servers

      -Compaq Prosignia 720 Server


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