Potty Training Your Dog, the Easy Way

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The thought of having to train a puppy is often enough to deter some from experiencing all the joy and happiness they can bring.
True, training a new puppy or dog can prove to be hard work from time to time, but it can also prove to be an enjoyable experience as well.
The one part of training that seems to scare most first time dog owners is the task of potty training that new dog or puppy.
Potty training can be difficult, but the truth is, it does not have to be.
Dogs are animals.
Animals, whether they are domesticated or wild, will come equipped with certain instincts when they are young.
Some of these natural instincts may not be too savory, like chasing cars or barking over-zealously.
But in the case of potty training a dog, there are two instincts that can make the training process a breeze.
If at all possible, dogs do not like to relieve themselves in the same area they sleep.
Knowing this, implementing crate training alongside potty training can often make the task much easier.
Also, a dog will me much more likely to use the bathroom in an area in which they can smell the scent of other dogs' refuse.
For owners looking for a break in potty training their new canine, it would be wise to take advantage of both of these instincts, and here is how.
As previously stated, the use of a crate or kennel can help use the dog's instinct of not using the bathroom in the same area that they sleep.
By gradually introducing the new dog or puppy to the idea of the crate or kennel, the owner will be able to get them used to the idea of it.
Once the canine is comfortable, they are likely to refrain from relieving themselves until they are outside of their crate or kennel, making it easy for the owners to direct them outside.

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