Roethlisberger"s Shoe Made Out of Steel After Foot Injury

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The Pittsburgh Steelers will be taking a bit hit with Roesthlisberger's foot.
Originally reported as a foot sprained, some press releases are now reporting that the Steeler's Quarterback has a broken bone in the foot.
The official release from the Pittsburgh Stealers states that Roethlisberger injury is an aggravation of an old injury where scar tissue is present.
So, is he going to play on Sunday? It is believed that the Steeler's Quarterback broke his fifth metatarsal bone.
This bone is a long tubular bone located on the outside portion of the foot.
The fifth metatarsal fractures are a highly researched topic and there are variable ways of treating this injury depending on the location.
The majority of fractures in this bone can be treated conservatively with casting and rest.
Occasionally, the fracture location or dislocation requires surgery and screw fixation.
Considering, that Ben has persisted that he will be playing on Sunday, we can assume this is a minor fracture that does not require surgery.
He is currently ambulating in a walking boot and has been on light practice this week.
The Steeler's trainer stated that the Quarterback will be wearing a special shoe with metal plates protecting the injured area.
The fifth metatarsal is a common fracture site in athletes especially dancers.
This is due to the extensive pivoting and jarring on the bone and surrounding tendons.
Because of the bone's location and soft tissue attachments, it does not take a traumatic event to break the bone.
Simply landing on the foot wrong can cause such an injury.
Recovery of most fractures in this area is easily treated with rest and decreased activity.
Protection ambulation with a walking boot often all that is needed to make a full recovery.
When you are a professional athlete and have a record of 8-3, the rules of treatment are different than the average person's.
Winning games, egos, and pressure will push you in a direction that is not always the most beneficial for your body.
It is probable that Roethlisberger's foot break will not debilitate him or prevent him from throwing touchdown passes.
It is also probable that his injury can worsen and the long term consequences of poor healing in the foot can mean chronic pain.
Playing a a professional foot game in a metal shoe is not necessarily resting the injury.

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