You Fit and Healthy - Tabata Training The Fastest Fat Loss Program?

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The Tabata method calls for twenty seconds of all out effort, followed by ten seconds of moderate cardio or ten seconds of rest it depends on your fitness level.
Go back and forth for four minutes.
Work up to twenty minutes and you will be a ripped machine.
You can apply the Tabata Protocol to virtually any form of moderate cardio so be creative.
Tabata found that high intensity aerobic training is much more effective for burning fat, increasing aerobic performance, and anaerobic performance.
Moreover, four minutes of the protocol that Dr.
Tabata uses is just as effective as forty-five minutes of moderate aerobic exercise! An example of doing a Tabata workout would look like this: For this example lets use a Jump Rope.
Do 5-10 minutes of some bodyweight exercises for a good warm-up.
Do 20 seconds of all out as fast as you can jumping Rest for 10 seconds or do some in place high knee lift marching Do another 20 seconds on the rope Repeat the process for 8 sets.
Tabata's can be done with many different types of exercises.
Weight training exercises, bodyweight, sprints, heavy bag training there are a lot of moves you can use.
Tabata's in my opinion are an advanced form somewhat of Interval Training another great system for fat loss.
Tabata's are not for the faint of heart or the poorly conditioned they will flat out kick you butt.
They will also shed that fat you've been carrying around in record time.
Remember when thinking about starting any kind of fitness program get a doctors clearance by having a physical.
If getting fit and healthy is your goal and being fat free and gaining some quality muscle are important to you then combining a good Weight training program with Tabata's and/or Interval Training and balanced nutrition are the keys.
I do a workout that combines a weight workout and intervals on the same day.
Or you can weight train 3-4 days a week and do tabatas or intervals 2-3 days a week.
Here's another Tabata workout you can do with dumbbells.
The exercise is dumbbell thrusts.
It works best if you either have a clock with a second hand you can see or get someone to time you.
In 20 seconds do as many thrusts as you can.
Rest 10 seconds.
Repeat for 8 sets.
Now my advice would be if you have never done tabatas before do them on a day you don't weight train.
For example if you weight train on Monday do your Tabata's on Tuesday.
Tabata's are tough but very effective break into doing them slowly till your fitness levels increase.
Remember weight Training, Intervals, Tabata's and a sound Nutrition program are the keys to you being Fit and Healthy.

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