Positive Thinking Is Good If You Look At The Negative Aspects Wisely

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Volumes have been written and sold about positive attitude being the most important factor for being successful in any field.
No doubt positive thinking gives us motivation to achieve success, but does it mean we should not look at the risks involved in any venture.
Personally I believe if you take into consideration the negative aspects and effects of any new venture, you can avoid failures.
Although nobody can be very sure about future, yet if we take calculated risk, failures can be minimized.
I have come across many people who are over optimistic but lead a miserable life.
They do not take health hazards seriously because they positively believe nothing can happen to them.
In later phase of life they realize that they are suffering from various diseases.
As they did not take any health insurance during their healthy phase, they face a lot of difficulty when they are not capable enough to pay their medical bills.
Is this kind of positive attitude good for anyone? No way.
What are insurances for?Why not take an insurance even if you are very healthy and teetotaler? People do not update their skill sets believing positively that they can maintain the same lifestyle with the same skill sets.
Times change and once their skills are outdated, they find themselves in the middle of nowhere.
They start blaming their fate if things don't happen the way they expect.
Unless you take the risk factor seriously, positive attitude is of no use.
Living on credit cards, simply thinking that you will pay later is of no use if you do not plan your expenditure.
Spending more than you earn because you think a better job will come your way leads you to debt trap.
Suddenly you lose your job and your future plan goes for a toss.
Why not think a bit negatively and secure yourself against risks.

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