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Mobile phones, PDAs and a variety of other mobile devices are now able to access the internet around the world. The internet is no longer the preserve of people with computers - it is now a mobile phenomenon.

Though they fall short of traditional computers in what they are able to display, they are powerful tools, and will continue to evolve.

Just a quick look at the differences in screen sizes will tell you a lot.

Mobile devices do not display websites in the same way that computers do.

Yes, there are a few devices out there that have the capability of displaying all of the content of a web page, but these devices are very expensive and usually require the presence of a WiFi hotspot.

Displaying abbreviated versions of website pages will continue though until such time as these become more widely used.

When you load up a website using a PDA, you'll see that the display is more geared towards text that is easily downloaded than complex images that make up a lot of websites but take a lot longer to download.

Armed with these fact, doesn't it become obvious for website users to be catered for? Of course you do!

When you are designing a website, you need to take into account how people will view the site. Simply by choosing a quality web design program, it becomes possible to create a mobile version of your website, with literally several clicks of the mouse.

Once this new website is created, it can be embedded with a few lines of code that will automatically make this the default site for people using mobile devices.

Instead of dealing with creating a new domain name or setting up mirror versions of the site that are to be used by mobile devices, your website will be able to automatically redirect a visitor to a page that is ideally suited for them.

This may not seem like a big deal, and its true that mobile device users are a relatively small portion of internet users, but when it comes to making your business profitable, it pays (quite literally) to reach the widest possible audience.

Transitioning to this technology can be a real pain, but if you invest in the best web design programs, you'll find the transition as easy as clicking the mouse a couple times.

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