7 Ways to Be Happy

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I am writing ways to be happy but even I am not perennially happy.
Of course I feel sad too.
But I've written about what I did whenever I was happy.
You could try some of them.
And feel happy.
Ways to be Happy - 1 Sending Surprise Gifts Made Me Happy Once when I was in a mall, I felt like sending presents to my parents and friends.
On the spur of the moment, I bought things like notebooks, smiley balls and activity pads and sent them to all these wonderful people! I felt happier after doing this.
How about surprising someone you know and like? No hi-fi stuff - but anything you can lovingly buy? You will feel happy after the surprise no matter how you're feeling now.
Ways to be Happy - 2 Smiling At a Person I Didn't Know Made Me Happy A few days ago, when I was feeling forlorn and lost, an old man I'd never seen passed me and looked in into my eyes.
I looked into his.
Then I er..
:) He burst out into a wider smile and said - "How do you do young man?" And I grinned too! Astonishingly, after we'd said bye, I felt happier! Come, try it out this very day.
Smile at someone you have never met.
It freaking works! Ways to be Happy - 3 Expressing Love Made Me Happy A few weeks ago, I wrote a poem for a girl I love and dedicated it to her.
A few more weeks later, I drew a card and emailed it to her.
I felt happy on both these days.
Now there must be someone on this earth you love, right? How about doing something creative for her? You'll feel happy.
Ways to be Happy - 4 Giving Without Expectation Made Me Happy There are many beggars in Mumbai where I live.
I was eating a banana that day and I saw a beggar near me.
I gave my banana to her.
It isn't a big deal of course, but the interesting thing is - as soon as I did that I actually noticed myself feeling very happy! I have no idea why I felt happy that day.
Yet I was very happy! Well, is being happy so easy? I guess.
Do something! Ways to be Happy - 5 Doing What I Like Made Me Happy I love giving presentations.
Just recently I presented before an audience on "The Czech Republic" and I was brimming with joy after it.
Similarly, I am blissful after writing funny poems.
:) And reading Harry Potter - gives a nitro-boost to my mood.
What do you like? Drawing a house on paper? Singing? I can guarantee that if you do more of it, you'll be happier.
Ways to be Happy - 6 Spending Time With the Person I Love Made Me Happy I am so lucky, that I've got this girl I love.
And when I am with her, I am so freaking happy! No matter where we are.
:) By spending time, I mean, really being with the person, connecting, knowing her...
If you have no one to love, will a cat do? I am a cat-fan!:) I smile to myself when I see a cat yawning.
Think - who is it you love right now? Be with him/her/it;).
And be happy.
Ways to be Happy - 7 Looking at Kids Makes Me Happy Today when I was going out for lunch, a young brat (say 1.
5 years of age) screamed at me from his 2nd floor apartment - "Uncle!".
I looked up at him perched somewhere near the balcony laughing blissfully with not a care in the world.
Oh I smiled and became happy.
He'd even recognized who I was, this young little hero, and called out so innocently - I had to be happy.
:) So if nothing else is working, how about using the wild-card-super-technique? Get yourself near little children! And be happy.
:) (Sorry harried parents;)) These were 7 things that made me happy.
There was nothing special about them, they were just tiny little everyday things.
You can find your own 50 things.
But please, be happy.

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