Network Marketing Leverage 2.0

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To grow a fast team in network marketing you must learn how to use and leverage technology.
Technology and how to use and leverage it often stands in the way between people and the success they dream of in Network Marketing.
Take a deep breath and try to get things into focus and think about all of the things that you do on a daily basis with technology.
In fact lets take it a step further, lets look at the technology that is used in your network marketing company.
Have you ever attended a training webinar? Or do you attend or even recruit people on a conference call held by your upline? or how about a website that allows you to see the presentation of your company and the compensation plan.
These are all forms of people around you and in your business leveraging technology to grow their teams.
So here is my question for you.
Why aren't you using technology to grow your business? Most of us have been using telephones for a very long time and it is a shame that only a few people think to use this same medium as a way to recruit 20, 30, 40 people at the same time! and it takes little effort and there are even free services that will let you use a conference call bridge anytime for absolutely nothing! The same goes for using the internet people use the internet to buy stuff all the time but mention to someone to use the internet for growing their business and they act like they've never seen a computer before.
by the way for those of you who are tech savvy, its time to learn.
The computer will not, I repeat will NOT blow up if you hit the wrong key, this is 2010 and computers are very forgiving nowadays.

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