A Great Gift, the Beatitudes

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The Beatitudes is a story in which Christ himself gave certain rules on how to live.
But many were so busy trying to get healed that they missed out on the one story that made sense in a tough time of compassion.
The way Jesus tells us to react to problems and worries can be found in these words.
The prophet Elijah went into the forest and spoke with God just of these things.
God was merciful to the people in that time as Elijah had shown much patience for all.
The Kingdom to come The way the Lord Christ wants us to behave is very different from how people in this day act.
They are careless with their words, sometimes hurtful with what comes from their lips.
Jesus remains and always will with His people as He walks among us and leads us to still waters.
But to the people that follow their own lives and cares will not see the Kingdom when it comes to earth.
The glory of God is indeed shown to all who earnestly seek the kingdom.
when you are almost ready to try to find a way to understand the scriptures then you will build Gods trust in the world.
Beatitudes means blessing Jesus says "Blessed are you when men hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil because of the son of man" Rejection is the hardest part of the following.
yes many do reject you but you must endure this if you want to come into Gods glory.
The world is made of flesh and fighting the good fight of it will make you endure many things and you press on.
Just continue to Love God and be blessed by the scriptures and what they mean to you as you take your journey with Lord Jesus the master!

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