The Best Faux Finishes for Bathrooms

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    • Make any bathroom feel like a classical bath house.marble colonnade image by Daria Miroshnikova from

      A marble finish can give the bathroom an elegant feel with a touch of the classical. This finish will work with almost any color scheme; marble doesn't have to be a traditional white and gray finish. For a different look, try a white base coat with pink, yellow, orange or even green and blue highlights. If there is already marble in the bathroom, don't worry about matching the color. Simply pick something that complements.

      This finish will nicely surround a bathroom with a classical or European flair. A marble faux finish is a good choice for those interested in adding a little texture to the room as well, for the finishing coat of white glaze or French chalk will add a marble-like sheen and sparkle to the walls.


    • Create a wood grain texture without the hassle of wood.wood image by Zbigniew Nowak from

      Graining recreates the feel of natural wood textures in paint by running a comb-like tool over a base coat and through another translucent layer to create the appearance of a wood grain. Even the most carefully sealed wood floors or walls can warp when surrounded by moist air, and the bathroom is one of the dampest rooms in the home. Graining can give the appearance of wood with the convenience of paint.

      This finish can bring new life to a country themed bathroom, or revitalize a bathroom with a lodge decor. Also consider this finish for a summer cottage or hunting cabin bathroom.

    Aged Illusions

    • Antiquing brings subtle color and an aged patina to any bathroom.model home bathroom image by Paul Hill from

      "Aged illusions" describes a faux finish that looks similar to antiquing, but uses only paint instead of plaster. Paint is applied with a trowel instead of a brush, giving a worn, antique finish like the one expected of the walls in an Italian vineyard.

      For the effect to be successful, at least three colors must be used; there is, however, no upward limit. Selecting colors from the same family can keep the effect from being overwhelming, and not take the focus away from the rest of the room's decor. This is an excellent finish to use for a classic, Old World look, particularly in a bathroom with a claw-foot tub and decorative tiles already in place.



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