Turbo Charge Your Adsense Income Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of my free adsense income boosting course.
Today I'm going to go into detail on the second of my four point AdSense income formula - Keywords! But not all keywords are made the same.
There's a lot of crap flying about out there, for sure.
But it is actually possible to make big bucks with adsense.
The trouble is that most people simply don't make a big enough adsense income to live off of.
In fact the typical AdSense advertiser makes a whopping $1.
00 a day.
Pathetic, isn't it? We aren't typical AdSense advertisers though, are we? If you've been involved in creating an AdSense income for a while, you'll have no doubt noticed all these so-called high paying keyword lists available everywhere.
Most of the time, these things will cause you more harm than good.
Some are of a very low quality.
But if you have the time, and know how to research right, you could find some that pay out 10 - 20 times what they charge for them.
All good for the ol' adsense income.
Basically how it works is this: the amount you get paid from each AdSense income click is determined by how much AdWords advertisers are willing to pay for each time someone clicks on their ads in Google, for any given phrase.
So how does this affect your adsense income? To get paid more per click, you need to focus on the higher paying keywords, and that will increase your AdSense income on average.
Beware though.
You also need to take into account the fact that although a certain phrase might be perfect for increasing your AdSense income, that doesn't mean you could automatically get a good search engine ranking for the phrase.
You have to find a niche where you can find relatively high paying keywords, but without too much competition.
This is the most important thing for your AdSense income.
Bringing visitors to the sites so that they click your ads is what will increase your income, so focus on it.
The best approach overall is to find a topic that you are truly passionate about.
Believe me, after days, and weeks of writing content, you will quickly go nuts if the topic you're writing about is boring you to the nipples.
Please take this to heart.
You want an adsense income that can be sustained, so you need to enjoy what you're writing about.
So choose a theme that you'd enjoy, and next you find the best phrases for this theme by doing the following:
  • Find out what each phrase is going to pay out per click.
  • Find out how much competition you have for these phrases, as you wont even be able to get off the starting blocks and build an AdSense income if the competition is huge
  • Learn whether or not you can attract adequate traffic to your site for these phrases
This is the basic formula you should follow to bring in the adsense income you want.
In a future article I will go into detail on a technique you can use to find high paying keywords.
I learned it inside Michael Cheney's Adsense Income Videos.
He makes over $19,000 a month from adsense.
Stay tuned for the next part of my AdSense income guide.

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