Quicken Navigation Shortcuts

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Quicken shortcut keys in are used to perform tasks without using a mouse. These shortcuts will have you moving around Quicken faster.
Where you see ‘+’ in a key combination, hold down the first key while pressing the second key. For example,Ctrl +P: Hold down Ctrl, press P, then release both keys at once.

Quicken File Shortcuts
  • Ctrl + O Open Quicken file
  • Ctrl + B Back up Quicken file
  • Ctrl + P Print a Quicken file

    Navigation (Moving Around Quicken)
    • Ctrl + W Write a check in Quicken
    • Ctrl + A Quicken Account list
    • Ctrl + T Memorized transaction list
    • Ctrl + K Open the Quicken calendar
    • Ctrl + H Open Find and Replace
    • Ctrl + J Open Bill Income and Reminders
    • F1 Help for the current Quicken window
    • Ctrl + L Tag List
    • Ctrl + U Open Portfolio List (Quicken Premier or higher)
    • Ctrl + Y Quicken Security List (Quicken Premier or higher)

    More Quicken Shortcuts
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    Quicken Register Shortcuts

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