What Should Go in a Pre-Service Portfolio?

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    Resume Portfolio

    • To organize your portfolio according to your resume, include a copy of your resume detailing your education and teaching credentials, experience as both a teacher and an artist, and a record of exhibits. Link different categories or items of your resume to research papers, art presentations (your work and student work), syllabuses or videos that illustrate that particular category or item, according to the University of Wisconsin-Stout website. So, if you listed a particular art exhibit, for example, you could link it to work you showed at that event (or a video of the work), explaining each piece's content, media and techniques used, as well as discussing how each element in the piece contributes to the meaning you were trying to convey. Include in your resume links to artistic works in progress, completed works and sold pieces and galleries that sell your work.

    Standards Portfolio

    • If you begin your portfolio with your state's teaching standards, include links to information showing how you've supported each of your state's criteria. Wisconsin's criteria, for example, include a demonstrated knowledge of students and art, lesson planning, teaching and professional development, according to UW-Stout. The planning category might include, for example, links to different learning activities, or artistic or teaching collaborations with other faculty members. If you join with another art instructor to produce show pieces, be sure to provide links to the work with detailed explanations about each piece and information about any lessons on the collaboration you presented to the class. Other links might include lesson plans for specific learning activities.

    Themed Portfolio

    • To arrange your work by categories, you'll include not only your resume but also artistic works according to a theme, media or a named series. Accompany these with detailed explanations of what each piece is about, media used and how each element in the piece contributes to its meaning. No doubt you'll put your best foot forward by showcasing the pieces that carry the most meaning or artistic significance for you.

    Statement Portfolio

    • Another way to organize your pre-service portfolio is to begin with some type of statement, such as a philosophy of teaching, artist's statement or list of goals to be taught, and then link to appropriate information that bolsters your statement. An educational philosophy, for example, might be linked to information and examples that demonstrate how you've taught different art concepts or met your state's teaching standards, says UW-Stout. A list of goals might be linked to syllabuses and student work that show how you've met each goal.


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