Multiple Orgasms Techniques - 4 Tips That Will Send Her Over The Edge Many Times Over!

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Ever wanted your girl to experience multiple orgasms but not sure how? It's not just something that happens in the movies: if you follow the advice outlined below, you will surely help her to achieve multiple climaxes during sex.
You're both definitely missing out if she's only ever has one orgasm during sex, there is so much more pleasure to experience! Become a great lover and help her to feel the immense pleasure brought by multiple orgasms by doing the following: 1) Talk passionately.
This is important, because for a woman to have an orgasm during sex, she has to be in the right frame of mind.
Before you have sex, get her in the mood for it by talking sexy to her, saying things you would during sex etc.
It'll get her turned on before you start having sex and that will make it a lot easier to bring her to her climax.
2) Have foreplay.
To make a woman eager to orgasm, you must spend time priming her for the sex.
Don't just jump straight into sex: it takes longer for a woman to orgasm than it does for males...
First, talk the talk, then get to work.
Explore her whole body and plant kisses and caresses everywhere while getting her naked: she'll enjoy the attention; it'll make her feel wanted and get her aroused before sex.
3) Avoid using your tongue.
Using your tongue can actually destroy the mood, so stick to passionately kissing her with just your mouth.
It'll drive her wild and when she wants more, she may even get so aroused that she takes control and initiates the sex herself.
It'll mean she knows that she's ready to enjoy the sex and have a great orgasm.
Follow her lead and soon you'll be taking her over the edge multiple times: she knows what she likes and she'll make sure you give it to her! 4) Tease her for as long as possible.
The more you tease her sexually, the more she'll anticipate the sex and the less time it'll take her to orgasm during the sex itself and the more likely it is that she will orgasm multiply.
Do things like rub her clitoris for a while before moving back to paying attention to her waist or legs.
It'll drive her wild not knowing when you're going to have sex with her!

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