Exercise and Training For an English Bull Terrier

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Exercise Due to the nature of the English Bull Terriers they need a lot of exercise.
Extended walks and playing in parks and secluded areas will help the dog to stay fit and also that they seek less attention in the house.
It will also help combat weight gain, which is a common problem with Bull Terriers.
Try to find secluded areas to play with the dog as English Bull Terriers will be aggressive towards other dogs in its near vicinity if they are not used to other dogs.
Having this breed of dog is a great way for the owner to stay in shape as the dog will be able to play or walk for hours.
It can be used as a perfect companion for hikers and joggers and will be great to get your kids tired as it will play with them for hours if given the chance.
Without this exercise the dog can become destructive inside the house or chew on items.
They will also be very clear about the fact that they do not like to be alone.
A good exercise program is needed before the dog is left alone to stop any frustration from showing inside the house.
Training Training English Bull Terrier dogs is hard work, but it will make sure the dog is a pleasure to be around for a very long period of time.
The dog is prone to be very possessive of home and family members.
There are great training methods to prevent this type of over protective behavior.
The dog needs firm and dominant handling as it is used to being the dominant party.
Therefore an owner needs to establish a chain of command very early on in life to prevent the dog form taking over the household.
The dog is very smart and clever and will sniff out which member of the family is the boss in the house and which part of the family they can basically ignore.
If the idea is that more than one person will handle the dog then every single one of these people should be involved in the training and raising of the dog.
Due to the strength and the energy possessed by this dog, wrestling games or other "games of strength" should be avoided with this breed.
The dog is able to see this as a fight for the dominant position in the household and this should be avoided at all costs.
The breed is associated with jumping up at people with their teeth shown (albeit without wanting to bite or attack) and this can strike fear into people.
A good command of the word SIT is therefore very important.
It is important to train the dog to be a willing walker on a leash or lead as it is almost impossible to let the dog walk around alone outside of its house or garden.
Many owners use the English Bull terrier for obedience and agility events as they love to be used for this and the adore they can show off their skills in front of a crowd.

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