Diamond Engagement Rings and the Perfect Proposals

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I'm sure you have seen the millions of romance movies where the women get proposed to by their boyfriends. There are so many ways to pop the big question that you guys may have a difficult time picking out the exact method you will use. A proposal is a success when the lady accepts the diamond engagement ring (of course), and she is surprised that you are asking her to marry you. Here are a few clever ways to propose. Some are somewhat cliche, but others are pretty creative.

A cute idea I recently saw in an article online was him proposing in a photo booth. It took four pictures and shows the chronology of him opening the ring box, her surprised look and then her wearing the diamond engagement ring. It was very adorable and captured her reaction to him popping the big question. However, you will have to act fast because there are only a few seconds in between pictures!

Another cute idea is a scavenger hunt. However, if you never do scavenger hunts together then she could catch on and know you are about to pop the question. This is very romantic and definitely involves a lot of planning on his part because he must go around town (or house) in order to plant the clues - one leading to the next. She will be anxious to get to the end of the hunt!

Yet another idea is getting your four-legged friends children involved. Many guys enlist the help of their cat or dog in order to actually present the diamond engagement ring. They tie it around the animal's collar and let the woman discover it on her own. When she does, he is right there to ask her, on one knee, if she will be his wife. Other men make a sign and put it around the dog's neck, and the sign asks the question for him. This could be a great idea if your man gets a little tongue tied in big moments.

Whatever way he comes up with to propose to you, make sure you go along with his plan and be a good sport. Some women fear they will be in a bad mood and not willing to cooperate with where he wants to take her, but for the sake of the diamond engagement ring, just roll with the punches, ladies! You certainly will not regret it.

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