Why You Can"t Re-Use Web Content

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I was talking with someone about my blog the other day and mentioned that it is starting to fill up with content.
I already have about 20 articles in there, just from a month of writing content steadily.
Their eyes got all bright, and they said, "So now you don't have to write anything else! You can just keep using that content.
" I sadly shook my head.
I wish that was how it worked.
Sure would save me some time.
Fresh web content is necessary if you want to keep getting indexed by Google.
If you reuse one or two of your blogs again five months later, you might just get by.
But you just can't keep reposting the same old content.
You have to be generating some new stuff every time you post, or at least 28 out of 30 days.
Why Fresh, New Content Is Necessary What is really the point behind all this new content? Why is there a constant need for more web content? We have millions of pages in Google of web content for just one search term, why does it look like Google's always looking for more? Cleaning up the web and restricting multiple copies of the same web content is an effort that's been started by nearly every single search engine worth mentioning.
Google is the leader in this.
Once you publish something, it's published and you can't use it again.
If Google wasn't cracking down on the amounts of multiple web content, what do you think our search engine results would look like? Pages of pages of webmaster, site owners saving money and posting duplicate content.
The first page would have identical results.
Soon, people would find it too difficult and tiresome to use a search engine, and Google would slow down.
Now, Google is seeing this in the near future, and they are working to prevent it in a pretty smart way: simply not indexing content that looks to be at all duplicate.
It actually makes sense if you think about it.
So, the bottom line is not to use that free content sitting around on the web in archives.
There are websites that advertise non-copyrighted, free material for your site.
If you want to actually get in Google and have a chance of making it to the top, never, ever use that content.
Make your own.
Either outsource the work or do it yourself, but never duplicate someone else's: even if it's free.

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