Ideas for Pep Rallies & TAKS

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    • Get the students involved ahead of time, by dividing the class body into groups. Ask each group to write and perform a skit about TAKS. On the day of the pep rally, let each group perform a skit and then let the students vote on the best skit. Treat those students to small party favors or candy. Depending on the amount of time available for the pep rally, you may need to let the students volunteer and have only a few groups perform.

    TAKS Contests

    • Make a list of questions similar to those the students encountered on the TAKS. Host a pep rally that pits students against teachers or students from different classes against each other. Divide the groups onto two sides of the gym and have the cheerleading squad or school principal moderate the event and ask the questions. Students in the audience have the chance to cheer for one side or the other.

    Pajama Party

    • Turn the pep rally into an all-day event, by asking the students to wear their favorite pajamas on the day of the event. Hang signs and fliers, telling students that after taking their tests, it's nap time. Decorate the gymnasium with sleeping bags and pillows or, ask students to bring a sleeping bag and pillow to the event. Have popcorn, candy and other sleepover treats on hand and encourage kids to let loose. Celebrate the end of the TAKS tests with a massive party at the end of the day.

    Black Out Time

    • For a black out pep rally, you need to ask the students to wear black clothing or white clothing to the event. Hang black lights around the room and turn off the overhead lights. Block any windows that might let in some natural light. Offer a range of inexpensive glow in the dark jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets and even rings. When the lights go off, those wearing white clothing seem to glow under the lights, while those in dark clothing tend to disappear.


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