Common Types of Internet Cozenage

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With advancement in technology and growth in number web users, internet scams have also spreading their reach.
More and more number of scams are reported every day by internet scam statistics.
Let's have a look at some of the very common types of internet scams that are prowling innocent people in the market.
Most of these scams have their sources in Nigeria.
Hence, whenever you see a Nigerian or African address offering some scheme, it's advisable to ignore it.
One such scam that prevailed on the web for many years and looted many internet users is the tyrant story.
You initially get a mail by a person who addresses himself as a close relative, wife, or an official of a Nigerian dictator.
In the body of the email, you will read a sad story of how the ruler deposited millions of dollars in a savings account and why the amount cannot be accessed now.
He then asks for your help and lures you with a major part of the inaccessible amount as reward if you are ready to offer help.
No, they don't want your advice, they want few thousand dollars to access their account.
And once you give them the money, don't expect any reply from them because they are gone and enjoying your money.
Yes, this story is too ridiculous to believe in.
However, thousands fell for this story every month and lost their wealth.
So, beware of this type of internet scam.
Many fraudsters fool people by promising very high return on their investment.
They offer something like 'get double the invested amount in a month or two'.
And you are also assured that your money isn't at risk because it isn't invested in stock market or mutual funds.
They say your money is safe.
However, in reality, it is farthest from being safe.
Let alone high returns, you don't even get a penny of your principal amount.
One of the most famous types of internet scams includes the credit card scam.
Here, people with lower credit score are offered credit cards and loans at reduced interest rate.
Generally, people with lower score don't enjoy such lower rates.
Hence, they fall for it and pay all types of costs like administration and security deposit asked by them.
There are many other internet marketing scams that asks you to buy a product and earn millions.
Here is a golden rule for all the internet users.
Don't even read the emails sent by these types of internet scams.
If you read, don't reply to such emails.
And never ever give out your personal information like your bank account number or credit card number, or worse, social security number.
Few emails will ask you to enter password in your email itself.
This never happens, no financial company asks you to enter your password anywhere except their website.
So, avoid these emails, at any cost.

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