Pursue Your Passion for Gaming and game Development

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If you love playing games, chances are you have also thought about making games for fun or making a living. But when you decide to take this thought to the next level and convert into reality, you may not know how to do it and where to begin.

Playing games is fun. Understanding games requires critical analysis. But making games requires everything - dedication, analysis, technical knowledge and skills-oriented education. Game development is not a straight forward process. It's much more than developing a software app. It requires exceptional logic and art, skill-set of visualization, colour concepts, and technical understanding.

So, in order to make a career in game development, you will need to have:
  • Strong understanding of functions and number systems, operating systems, programming, software engineering methodologies, mathematics, network technologies, algebra and statistics, graphics and simulation design.
  • Excellent communication and interpretation skills
  • Analytical mind, problem-solving nature and a thinking which is out-of-box
  • Time management and leadership skills
  • Knowledge of video games history and industry trends

With all these competencies, you also need to have completed specialized education in this field. Completing a post-secondary game development program is basic minimum requirement to seek employment in this industry.

So, if you are a high school graduate and wish to pursue a career in this field, you may consider enrolling in a software engineering technology - interactive gaming program. This will be your first step towards your dream career.

Generally, it's a three-year program that trains you to participate in various phases of game development, including game design, 3-D graphics programming, simulation design and multiplayer online game programming. This is achieved through classroom learning and practical application of the concepts, technologies and methodologies. You will also need to develop two software projects that are intended to be real world games. This means that will be a chance for you to apply your technical, business and analytical skills.

Prior hands-on experience in a real world setting is a must, in order to seek employment in the gaming industry. Remember, not all software engineering programs incorporate industry placement component. This calls for a need to carefully select your college. Conduct a thorough research; go through the program curriculum to find out if a program offers co-op component.

If you're looking for programs in software engineering Toronto, Centennial College's program facilitated under the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science umbrella makes the right choice. The program offered at the college uniquely blends theory, lab simulation, live projects and co-op placement. This course is dedicate to your overall development and is delivered by experienced faculty members with strong academic and industry backgrounds.

College is all about choices. You can pursue your passion to turn it into a profession. No matter how different your idea of college education is, there is always an opportunity out there to pursue your passion. Even game development has specialized college programs, like Centennial's software engineering technology - interactive gaming co-op. This opens doors for careers in gaming companies, software companies, public institutions, small and medium businesses and government institutions.

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