Ecommerce Analytics - The Right Dimensions for All the Incorrect Reasons

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With the hill of analytics and actions available to e-commerce promoters, it's all-too-easy to get trapped in the snare of calculating for a different aspects. In fact, in my talking to exercise I often find e-commerce companies losing the actual aspect of statistic completely...and losing important possibilities for successful growth as a result.


For example, I proved helpful with one organization that was using a very innovative eCommerce Analytics program to evaluate thousands of different aspects of their e-commerce website. This organization also organized every week conferences where mature supervisors from across the organization would discuss the various eCommerce Analytics. Appears to be ideal so far, doesn't it? But after seated in on one of these conversations, it became very clear to me that the organization was losing the aspect.


Rather than using their eCommerce Analytics as a moving off aspect to locate important possibilities for successful enhancement, it seemed that the figures were being provided for informative reasons only, as if they were just "nice to know." Significant week-over-week changes in crucial actions like carting percentages were provided matter-of-factly, with no root-cause research or effect research going on at all.


This organization was calculating many of the right aspects, but for all a different aspects.

Do not fall into this snare. Using your analytics to comprehend how you are doing is awesome, but it is losing the aspect. The actual power in statistic comes from using the figures and percentages to considerably, enhance your efficiency. To do that, you need to get beyond the "nice-to-know" aspect and ask some highly effective analytic questions:


Is this stage of efficiency excellent or bad?

Simply understanding that you have a cart-to-visit rate of 6% is only significant if you also understand that common percentages in the industry are much, much higher and you have important room for enhancement. In the same way, understanding that you have a checkout-abandonment rate of 70% is only useful for enhancing your efficiency if you also understand that common percentages are much lower. After all, a variety is just a variety until it is put into some comparative, contextual structure.


Why is this analyticsat this stage of performance?

Whether your analytics are great or low, relatively discussing, your next question should be "why?" An overall orders-to-visits transformation rate that is low might be an indication of anuncompetitive offer, a shotgun strategy to lead-generation, a poorly constructed website, or a mixture of these aspects..


How can I viably affect thisanalyticsin a maintainable way?

Once you comprehend the root-causes behind the eCommerce Analytics and the various components that can have an effect on the figures themselves, you have the important aspects to determining successful, wide spread developments. Let us say, for example, that you have recognized six possible root-causes behind your relatively great checkout-abandonment prices. You can now deal with each one, starting with the most convenient and least expensive.



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