How to Have a Radar Detector Installed

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Investigate Before Visiting a Store

  • 1). Consult with friends who have had radar detectors installed by a retailer.

  • 2). Contact the major manufacturers of radar detectors and ask them for the names of dealers in your area.

  • 3). Check the yellow pages after you have compiled a list of potential dealers. The good shops will probably have large ads in which they list the brands they carry.

  • 4). Call the shop. Are the salespeople willing to talk to you? If not, they probably won't spend much time with you when you visit the shop, or provide much assistance after the sale.

  • 5). Ask over the phone if the shop is an authorized dealer of a major manufacturer. Inquire how long the shop has been in business and how many years of experience its installers have.

  • 6). Narrow your initial list to about three to five stores.


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