How To Train Your Muscles To Increase Your Vertical

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Their are a large number of athletes that want to learn how to jump higher so that they can learn how to dunk a basketball.
The only problem is that they do not know where to start and have no clue what to do and what exercises to perform.
Usually, the athletes that are the best in a sport are the ones who are explosive with their feet and this can be said especially for basketball and even volleyball.
Their is one thing that sets athletes apart, the successful athletes who have great performance know more about the muscles and how to train them.
You will learn what you need to know about the muscles so that you can train them for explosive movements.
Learning how to increase your vertical is not a difficult process, the only hard part is learning what you need to do to get started.
Well, I am here to tell you what you can do so that you can be on your way to increasing your vertical.
I will give you some information that you should read and retain in your mind because this is valuable information that is a basic guideline for you learning how to increase your vertical.
First, you need to learn why is it that you want to increase your vertical and be able to dunk a basketball.
The same can be said for any other athlete that also wants to improve their sports performance because the more explosive someone is, the higher they will be able to jump.
So how is it possible that if you become more explosive, then you will increase your vertical? Well, lets get one thing cleared out of your mind, every muscle in the body is composed of two types of muscle fibers.
The first type of muscle fibers is called the slow twitch muscle fiber, slow twitch muscle fibers are used for endurance activities such as long distance running or a marathon.
A person who has trained their slow twitch muscles generally does not appear muscular, however, this is not always the case.
The second type of muscle fiber in the body is the fast twitch muscle fiber.
The fast twitch muscle fiber is the opposite of the slow twitch muscle fibers, in the fact that they are used for explosive movements.
Fast twitch muscle fibers are responsible for how high a person is able to jump, and even how fast a person is able to run.
A person who as trained their fast twitch muscles will generally appear muscular and big in physique.
Now what you want to do is find out exercises that will only train the fast twitch muscle fibers so that you can increase your vertical and also enhance your sports performance.
Many explosive exercises such as the dead lift or the squat is a good example of an explosive exercise that will work on your fast twitch muscle fibers.
However, you need to also make sure that after an intense workout you need to allow your body to rest and recover sufficiently.
When your body recovers sufficiently, then it becomes stronger and also more explosive because you have trained your fast twitch muscles with explosive exercises.

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