Choosing the Best Martial Art

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Martial arts have been around for thousands of years and even though they have developed a lot in modern times, they are all focused on the same thing- being able to conquer enemies and protect your self in dangerous situations.
In modern society we also have such a thing as sports combat that basically entails fighting in tournaments to test your skills and not to survive.
This has brought a lot of great things to the martial art community and what is really cool is that different styles can now test their skills against each other.
In this way you can figure out the weaknesses and strengths of your specific style and hone your skills in order to become what is often referred to as a complete fighter.
There are literally hundreds of different martial arts you can train and a question newbies often ask is "what is the most effective martial art".
This question really can't be answered and it is exactly the same as asking "what is the best kitchen tool".
The different arts each have their own strengths and weaknesses and what you have to figure out before choosing a given art is what you want to achieve and what kind of results you are looking for.
If you are looking mostly for self defense you should go for styles that are oriented towards this aspect more than the sport aspect.
Some arts that are great for self defense include wing tsun, krav maga and other fast hitting sports that don't focus too much on going to the ground.
This doesn't mean that boxing, MMA or other such sports won't help you in self defense situations, it simply means that it is not what these arts focus on.
If you are looking for arts that are more focused towards tournaments and training towards a championship you have a lot of different options.
You can go for some of the Japanese, Korean and Chinese arts if you want to have a more traditional style that also focuses on spirituality or you can choose to go for some of the more modern sports like western boxing and mixed martial arts if you want to focus solely on the fighting aspect of the game and don't want to be bound by a lot of old traditions.
No matter what, doing martial arts is a great thing to do and it will add a lot of benefits to your life.

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