Effects of Alcohol: Erectile Dysfunction and Difficult Ejaculation

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We all are aware of the effects of alcohol on social and physical level but today we will discuss the effect of alcohol on a man's sexual life.
The negative sexual effects of alcohol on men depend on the amount of alcohol consumed and frequency at which a man drinks.
The researchers have found a few serious sexual effects of alcohol on sexual functioning;
  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Increased sexual aggression
  • Difficulty getting and maintaining erections
  • Difficulty ejaculating/delayed ejaculation
  • Infertility
Although a small amount of alcohol increases sexuality and desire and sociability in men and women, as the consumption increases, the positive effects of alcohol turns into negative.
Main problem with alcohol consumption is that it causes erectile dysfunction.
Alcohol is responsible for Hypogonadism in men which means a reduced or absent secretion of hormones from the sex glands (gonads).
After heavy alcohol consumption, if a man succeeds in getting an erection, he may find difficulty in ejaculating or he may not be able to maintain an erection.
These problems persist in men who are chronic drinkers, but in occasional drinkers, these symptoms wither away as the alcohol passes out from the body.
A research on 17,000 alcoholic men it was found that after several years of no alcohol 50% returned to normal erectile functioning, and the other 50% were either partially or completely unable to get an erection, even when sexual desire returned.
Alcohol abuse can also be associated with worsening other physical conditions in the body which again are responsible for causing erectile dysfunction.
These conditions are diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.
While the anti-impotence drugs like Levitra can take care of your erectile dysfunction even in tough conditions, alcohol has the potential of smothering your passion.
True, the guidelines for taking erectile dysfunction pills refer to the adverse effect of alcohol.
So make sure that you take them either without alcohol or not more than two pegs if you want your prescribed medicine to function properly and give the desired result.
So it's a plea to those verdant in sex and sexual affairs, while you drink for more sociability and confidence, make sure that you do not drink more than two moderate pegs.
The more you drink alcohol, the more you increase the possibility of erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation.
Moreover, if you are intoxicated, you will lose sexual desire which means no pleasure in lovemaking.
Sex is something in which you need to take pleasure from all five senses.
Alcohol destroys your senses and makes you unable to enjoy and perform well in bed.
When you are completely intoxicated, no sex pill can help you to have satisfactory sex.
Avoid alcohol while you have sex in mind.
Sex has more pleasure and benefits to offer you than alcohol.

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