How to Debunk Relationship Quizzes

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Okay, so we all have relationships, dates, or crushes at least, right? Of course I'm right.

Sometimes, these things can be confusing. Does your mom give good advice? How about your dad? They don't care and you can't afford relationship counseling. Your friends don't want to talk to you either?

Rats. Drat. Darn.

It's fine. Have no fear, ladies. There is a solution. All you need is an apron, a vacuum, and super reliable relationship quizzes to give you all of the most precise advice.

Perhaps some people just take them for fun, but how many of us secretly wonder if the advice and quizzes have a teeny bit of truth?

Wonder no longer, you people. I will figure it out for you. That's why I do this for free. Obviously, I love you more than your boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/dad does. If you don't have any of those, I'm the only person that loves you. And that is okay.

Usually, this advice is read or the quizzes are taken and then tucked away into the mind, never to be brought up in any actual conversation with the other half.

Naturally, the only way I saw fit to pinpoint the accuracy of relationship guidance that hasn't come from a marriage counselor is to quiz some males using the same questions from the quizzes in these magazines.

I found that, in all actuality, these quizzes are inaccurate simply because they are formulated in a way that makes the results seem predetermined. How do I know?
Therapists with doctorates do not write the quizzes. Writers just like me write these quizzes. Men and women have different brain chemistry. The quizzes are designed for women, but when the male species are asked the same questions, the answers are completely different. The unreliability of the answers is certainly more obvious.

Here we go.

This is what you will need to test it for yourselves€¦

-Any and every quiz from women's magazines or websites
-At least one dude
-A way to capture the test on video for proof

Soon I'm on the way to proving that these quizzes are not to be taken seriously.

Questions start off simply€¦

What kind of girl do you prefer?

Does your girlfriend always pay for dates?

How do you deal with a fight between you and a girlfriend?

These questions would lead to results in all areas of the relationship. Super accurate right?
How differently do these guys answer?
What happpens when the gender is flipped?
Watch the video. There are some zingers.

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