Random Views About The Objective And Impacts Of Advertising!

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We are already aware that an advertising campaign is meant to update, instruct, persuade and finally influence the target customer to buy or purchase your brand. However, taking into consideration the market scenario, it is not a child play launching an ad campaign. Especially with cutting edge competition in the market, advertisers need to use different tools and tactics to advertise their product. Besides, every advertiser or brand owner also strives for brand positioning which is an essential element of winning a brand strategy.

A successful brand positioning campaign particularly depends upon the kind of communication used to communicate with the target group. One of the important criterion to provide brand positioning is to think or re-evaluate things from clients perspectives. In fact, if you want to advertise something to your target audience, you should make sure you put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and re-evaluate whether you like everything about the advertisement. By putting yourself in the shoes of your customers, you will easily sort our any kind of communication flaw as well. Once you figure out things, providing an impeccable brand communication to the target group is but a sure shot.

One of the primary objectives of launching an advertising campaign is to provide a desirable influence or impact on the target groups. Various ad campaigns of the same brand may provide different impact on customers. The creative input, theme, ad language, marketing objectives etc are some factors because of which different impacts are provided to customers. Four common impact (s) of advertising are discussed below-

- Exciting and impressive views (about the brand)

- A sounds good feeling to onlookers

- Awareness or cautiousness

- Solution to a problem or worry

Any ad message should provide a human touch. Though the purpose of the ad campaign is strictly business, yet advertisers should talk in a persuasive language to catch hold of audience attention and to influence their buying behaviors. Different target groups have different buying motives. As an advertiser, one should conduct a demographic survey to find out which target group to select for which brand promotion campaign.

How advertising practices have developed at present?

We live in an evolved era where advertising practices are not limited to a few options. Today, advertising opportunities are almost everywhere. Right from the kitchen to the company warehouse, advertising affects everyone life. Outdoor advertising is one of the proven means of brand promotion used by a wide range of brand owners. OOH Advertising is also considered as one of the oldest means of brand promotion. However, this advertising medium is still in vogue as one of the effective modes to promote a brand through a larger than life approach and in a bold and bright manner.

Out of home advertising activities are focused on providing the brand message to consumers when they are 'on the go' in public places, in transit, waiting (such as in a medical office), and/or in specific commercial locations (such as in a retail venue). Outdoor advertising formats are of various types. Each format of outdoor advertising aims at providing a larger than life impact on customers about the brand.

OOH advertising practices provide rich impact on customers. Some proven tools of outdoor advertising exclusively used by outdoor advertisers include-

- Electronic kiosks

- Jukeboxes

- Backlit translits

- Ordinary and digital billboards

- Posters

- Sky-scrapers

- Transit media

Outdoor Advertising as a mode of brand promotion requires a proper and planned budget as well as proper implementation of the same. Though this type of promotion is effective and result-oriented, advertisers should not neglect the fact that any OOH advertising campaign needs to be meticulously planned and worked out (suiting the promotion requirement of the brand).

At present, various corporate sectors employ outdoor advertising media to promote their brand among st their target groups. Besides, OOH advertising practices are not limited to few avenues. Airport advertising, mall advertising, metro advertising etc are various avenues of out of home brand promotion practices at present.

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