Turkish Hammams in Istanbul - Blend of Indolence and Luxury

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We humans are prone to luxury and pampering! There's nothing like a body spa or a Vedic massage that rejuvenates the body and the skin.
Everyone would love those indolent hours of doing nothing apart from soaking in the steam of a sauna bath or enjoying a body massage.
If this is what interests you, then you should explore the Turkish Hammams in Istanbul.
There are plenty of them.
Simply put, a Turkish Hammam is nothing more than a Roman baths.
It starts with relaxing in a warm room with a continuous inflow of hot and dry air and then finally taking a bath in cold water.
Body massages are part of this process as well.
The essence of Turkish Hammams Turkish Hammams spots are elaborate and oriental.
Their architecture is ornate, palatial and the ambiance majestic.
You will feel nothing less than the Shah of Persia as you experience one for yourself.
And herein lies the essence of a Hammam -unlike our modern day lives where our bathing is an act of necessity and a quick one, as most of us have several chores to attend, during the time of ancient Turkish rule bathing was a divine ritual.
Bathing was looked upon as a cleansing and relaxing process that not only cleansed the body but also the mind.
The idea was to sit in a Hammam through the steam and allow it to clean confusions of the mind and finally wash oneself with the cold water.
The ancient Turkish people believed that the body needed special attendance to function well throughout life.
A Hammam provided that in the most exquisite manner.
Selecting a Turkish Hammam and its service When you are in Istanbul you need to decide whether it's a hotel Turkish bath you want to attend or experience a traditional Hammams outside the hotel.
Once you decide you can select the service and make your payments.
The traditional Hammam is an experience everyone should have.
Here an attendant will provide you a massage followed by a complete body wash.
Some of the Hammams today provide other services like Indian head massage, facial clay mask, reflexology and aromatherapy oil massage that is refreshing to the core.
Famous Hammams in Istanbul Istanbul has several well-known Hammams that you can visit.
Each has its own grandeur and uniqueness.
The famous ones include: · Aga Hamami - An ancient Turkish bath situated on the Turnacibasi Street.
It was established by Ibrahim Aga and dates back to 1454.
· Suleymaniye Hammam - This Turkish bath is located on a mountain that faces the Golden Horn and was established in the year 1557.
The famous Turkish architect Mimar Sinan designed this Hammam and it's a part of the Suleymaniye mosque.
· Çagaloglu Hamami - The construction of this bath got completed in 1741.
It is famous as this was the last Turkish bath under the Ottoman Empire.
· Çemberlitas Hamami - This famous Turkish bath can be found in the Divanyolu Street in the neighbourhood of Çemberlitas.
It is known for its exquisite interior decor.
Walking into a Hammam for exploring it or experiencing a bath is an unmatched experience.
So what are you waiting for? Get your cheap air tickets to Istanbul today and make it to your favourite Turkish bath.

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