How to Make a Tuxedo Dog Collar

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  • 1). Tie a bow out of the satin ribbon using the standard bow tie knot. If you want to give the collar a satin finish, you can hot glue the ribbon to the collar before tying the bow. Leave the ribbon long enough for you to tie into a bow.

  • 2). Leave the left string longer than the right string and cross the left one over the right. Tuck the end of the left string under the right, bringing the end up. Make a loop with the right string, and hold it in place over the crossed part of the ribbon.

  • 3). Bring the left string down over the looped right string, and make a loop in the left string. Tuck the looped left ribbon through the hole behind the looped right string. Adjust and center the bow by gently pulling the loops.

  • 4). Cut a 4-by-3-inch piece of white satin. Fold the edges 1/2 inch back along the 4-inch side of the fabric and iron it flat with a cool iron, taking care not to burn the satin. With the right side of the satin up, line the length of the 4-inch sides with a strip of black ribbon. Make sure the edge of the satin ribbon is aligned with the edge of the white satin fold.

  • 5). Sew the black ribbon in place along each edge. As you sew, the fold in the back of the white satin should be sewn in place as well. Cut the two corners off the bottom of the strip so the strip is shaped like a tie. Fold the cut edges over, iron flat and fold over again so the edge looks finished. Sew the fold in place.

  • 6). Sew or hot glue two or three buttons in the middle of the white part of the strip, so it looks like a buttoned tuxedo. Hot glue the top of the tie to the inside of the collar behind the bow.


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