Android application development has been a force behind surge in smartphones

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When Google announced their mobile OS platform in 2007, there was not a lot of enthusiasm in the smartphone industry as it was just in its early stages. Till then Google's dominance was only limited to desktops and it understood the fact that innovation is the key to the future success. The search giant took cognizance of the capabilities of mobile platform and apprehended the fact that small screen devices would take over desktops in the future.

The launch of Android ensured the infiltration of Google into the rapidly growing mobile market. But over the years, Android has become a driving force for the surge in the smartphone industry. Moreover, it has also transformed the way people access information on the go.

With over 70% of the smartphones running a particular version of android, it has become the most important platform for developers. Being an open source platform, android makes it easy for developers to take full advantage of the capabilities of hardware as well as software. Native Android applications usually requires Java programming language along with the Android SDK(software development kit). However there are many Android app developers who use other development kits such as android NDK along with C/C++. The development solutions available with the programmers have helped create a massive application database.

The customization offered by Android has definitely added to its popularity among users, who can customize their smartphone as per their requirements. This has also ensured that developers as well as manufacturers can add some uniqueness to their device. Rather than confining users to a restricted environment, Google has even allowed them to install applications from third party websites. Even though there have been speculations that this parallel approach could lead to unauthorized applications, but it surely has garnered a lot of support from Android app developers.

Google has ensured that the development process of an Android application goes without any hassle, which is why it has provided developers with various tools. In addition to it, Google has also laid down simple step for launching any application on its play store. Rather than rigorous regulations put forward by Apple, Google makes it easy for developers to publish their application.

With nearly three quarter of a million applications already in the Play store, Android has surely came a long way from its launch. Nearly 70% of the smartphones that are shipped run on Android OS. There is no denying the fact that Android has surely been a big force behind the surge in smartphones. Android application development has become a priority for any programmer and developers are now favoring Android over other platforms. With mobile industry set to grow even further, Android is set to propel itself even further in smartphone industry.

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