Rare Marketing Tip For Business Growth

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If you want to discover a rare marketing tip for business growth then keep reading.
The concept is very simple...
but simply not implemented in most businesses.
Not so long ago I had lunch with the partner of a multi-million dollar accounting practice.
To talk shop on marketing the firm.
We wanted to increase revenue and get the cash register to hum like a well oiled machine.
There must be thousands of ways to market and grow a business...
but I like to keep stuff nice and simple.
Look for the most obvious thing first.
My question to him - "have you ever gone to the top 20% of your client base and asked them what they need from you that they are not currently getting?" Like most businesses, they hadn't done that.
In fact, one of the other partners of the firm I spoke to about this suggested he didn't want to as the answers might be negative.
I see that as opportunity! But I do understand that sometimes opportunity can be disguised in a bottle of medicine that is hard to swallow.
You don't like the taste but you know it will make you better! So go forth and ask your customers that same question.
Then, in the spirit of keeping things nice and simple listen to their responses.
Determine what your business can deliver profitably and go and deliver what it is they want from you! You have a market ready to buy from you.
They are already sold on your business.
This is like taking candy from a baby if you do it right.
Mark Cottle

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