Two Powerful Concepts That Can Give You Incredibly Magnetic Seductive Success With Gorgeous Women

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There are two commonly overlooked yet incredibly powerful ideas that can skyrocket your success with women.
Fame, and money.
Just kidding.
While those can help, they actually are no match for what I'm about to share with you.
They do require a bit of thinking, introspection, and perhaps some difficult decisions, but they will not only increase your choice and feelings of abundance when it comes to seducing gorgeous women, but they will also powerfully boost your self confidence, self esteem, charisma, and personal magnetism.
The first is your criteria.
What is important to you in a woman? What are her physical characteristics? Her hair color, shoe size, shape of her body, lips, face, hands, anything you can think of.
The more detail the better.
What about her personality? Funny? Smart? Socially aware? Conservative, liberal? Intellectual? Again, the more detail the better.
Next is to determine the deal breakers.
These are things that you will absolutely not accept in a woman.
Something that when you find this out about her, you politely excuse yourself.
Smoking? Drugs? Wrong political party? It sounds petty at first, but when you begin to sort through the various women that you meet with these criteria, you will set yourself apart from most guys, whose only criteria is that that she will go home with him.
Just your own criteria alone will give you powerful self-confidence and self esteem.
By disqualifying girls that you would otherwise accept, based on the above deal breakers, you are sending yourself an important message: You are important, and you only allow quality women into your life.
Next are her criteria.
This can be a little more vague.
Because most people haven't really thought of their criteria, their answers are usually pretty out there.
Happiness, safety, love, appreciation, honesty.
These are common answers that you will hear.
It's important to always respect her answers, and express appreciation that she was brave enough to share them with you.
Now comes the powerful part.
When she begins to explore her own criteria for happiness in life, because she is doing so while talking to you, she will begin to unconsciously associate these with you, on some level.
And when you are qualifying her at he same time, she will sense that you are somebody that respects themselves enough to only take what's best from all that is available out there.
When you combine these two techniques, they will give you an incredible amount of power and choice over your love life.
No longer will you walk into a bar or club and "hope" that something "happens.
" You will not only be able to choose the women you desire, but conversationally attach all her thoughts and mental imagery of satisfied desires to you.
Of course, this is an incredibly powerful process, and should be used with extreme caution.
When you begin to do this, you'll understand that you can seduce women much more easily that you may think.
Because of that, you must be sure that your intentions are honest, and up front.
Simply because you can use these techniques to engineer a string of easy sexual conquests, doesn't mean you should.
For every action, there is a reaction, and this can cause some devastating emotional effects on others if you are not careful.

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