Ideas for the First Day Back at School

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    Get to Know the Teacher

    • Give every student an index card with a true or false statement about yourself. Think of interesting statements, such as "Mrs. Smith owns five cats" or "Mrs. Smith crashed while wakeboarding this summer." Students must decide if the statement on the card is true or false. Have them go to one side of the room if they believe the statement is true and to the other side of the room if they believe it to be false. Ask each child to read his card aloud. Tell the class whether the statement was true or false. If the student guessed incorrectly, he must move to the other side of the room.

    Procedure Crossword

    • Create a crossword to help students remember procedures.Jupiterimages/ Images

      The first day of class is an excellent time to begin working on procedures, such as where children should store their things, how to line up when changing classes and how to behave in the hallway. Put together a PowerPoint presentation that covers everything students do during the day, from entering the room to packing up to go home. Create a crossword for students to complete when the presentation is finished that includes key words regarding procedures. Allow students to work together on this activity.

    Summer Puzzle

    • Students will enjoy creating puzzles about their summer vacations.Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images

      Students enjoy sharing information about their summer activities. Give each child a piece of light-colored card stock. Instruct students to draw a picture of something they did during summer vacation. Tell them that every inch of the paper must be colored. After students finish coloring, ask them to cut the pictures into about fifteen pieces and store them in plastic bags. Allow students to circulate around the room, trading puzzles to see what others have done during the vacation time. Throughout the first week of school, set time aside for students to take out their puzzles and give them to someone else to solve.

    Foldable Report

    • Give students colored pencils to add interest to the report.Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

      A good way to assess students' writing skills is to ask them to write a few paragraphs about their time away from school. Have each student fold a blank piece of computer paper in half. Ask students to color a picture on the outside of the paper. Then they should unfold the paper and write the paragraphs inside. When students finish, they will share their work with the class. These reports can then be displayed in the hallway.


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