Which Crystal to Ward Off Curses and Negativity?

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If you feel cursed with bad luck in any or all areas of your life, then the Blue Lace Agate is the best crystal to help you ward off curses, remove negativity and protect you from misfortune.
Magical Aspects of the Crystal For magical purposes, this crystal is used in rituals for Protection, and rituals to promote healing, calming and soothing.
People who feel that they are cursed with bad luck, either in general or in specific areas of their life, will benefit from this magical stone.
If kept close, it will help promote positivity and attract good luck, repelling negativity.
Those involved in Spell Work will use this crystal for articulation and truth finding, and also Weight Loss Spells.
Healing Properties This crystal is very powerful and can be used in addition to accepted "conventional" medical treatment.
This crystal has a positive effect on the mind, and can promote all round health and healing.
As a formidable power stone, it can be combined with others to promote calm and peaceful transformation.
Because of its powerful aura, it can be helpful for many physical ailments caused by blockages to glands, digestive problems, and weight problems.
This stone is helpful for problems involving the head, brain and eyes.
It is also useful for problems related to bones and arthritic conditions and is helpful when used to help mend breaks and fractures of the bones.
Spiritual Purposes The Blue Lace Agate crystal is ideal for meditating as it is renowned for its calming and stress relieving properties.
With its connection to the throat Chakra, this crystal is excellent in promoting articulation, communication and truth finding regarding people and situations.
For people who feel they are subject to negativity and who want to rid themselves of a real or perceived curse, or run of bad luck, this crystal is perfect to promote a change in fortune.

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