Truck Crash Lawyer Explains Differences between Auto and Truck Crashes

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Crashes involving large trucks which are also called semi-trailers, tractor trailers, big rigs or 18-wheelers, are some of the most severe and disastrous in the country. Trucking litigation can involve settlement claims against inattentive truck drivers and the trucking companies who hire them.

Various factors contribute to crashes involving large trucks including heavily loaded freight, substance abuse, driver fatigue, speed, and many others. Truck drivers do not have the same quick maneuverability or visibility as smaller vehicles like vans, pickup trucks and cars or motorcycles, which can contribute to truck crashes.

A truck crash is different than an auto crash from a legal viewpoint. Trucking companies and truck drivers have stringent state and federal regulations to follow based on their log books, time sheets and other criterion. These records may be critical to a legal claim based on the driver's lack of awareness or weariness troubles.

Trucks are always required to carry much higher amounts of insurance accident coverage. The truck drivers must also meet higher safety standards than other vehicle drivers. Trucks travel across state lines are subject to numerous federal regulations that do not apply to other motor vehicles. Trucking companies have the duty to run background checks before hiring truck drivers and must, periodically assess employees.

Additionally, truck drivers have limits on the number of hours they can drive in any given day. Truck drivers are also subject to drugs and alcohol tests, randomly and always in the event of a truck crash. When there are violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Act, this can be the basis for proving fault on the part of the trucking company and the truck driver, with expensive consequences.

If you have been injured in a truck crash, your health must come first, and then your rights are second. Experienced truck crash lawyers bring years of experience representing countless victims of truck crashes, no matter where you live. Your lawyer should have successfully represented and fought for his or her clients in many truck related crash settlement cases and have recouped large verdicts and settlements for victims.

Lawyers will fight for you through the end to make sure you get full compensation for all your losses. Your truck crash lawyer may have to go to trial or take on the other motorists and/or their accident insurance companies when necessary. When you hire a truck crash lawyer, make sure they take care of every facet of your case so you can focus on the key which is your recovery. And always remember, it is critical to act quickly after you have been injured. Someone will need to gather vital evidence and address other significant factors.

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