Bass Fishing Technique Lesson 2 - Rattling Crankbaits

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My all time favorite rattling crankbait is the Rattletrap.
One key I found when buying a Rattletrap is to try them out before you buy it (if the store allows it).
This is what I mean: Remove the Rattletrap from the box, hold it close to your ear being careful not to stick yourself, and shake it quickly 3 to 4 times.
You will definitely here the rattling sound.
I have found that the "traps" that have a higher pitched rattle tend to produce more strikes (just my personal experience).
So check out a few before you buy.
My personal favorite colors are silver with black back and silver with blue back.
I've found that the 1/2 ounce to be the best all around size.
The rattletraps do wear out over time.
The obvious thing is when the finish starts wearing.
I usually toss out any where the red markings are gone (don't know why but the red seems to make them hit better) or the silver turns to the off white plastic color.
The less obvious is when the high pitched rattle changes to a low thudding type rattle.
You will know the difference since you did try them out in the store, right? Try to stay with the high pitched rattle, just my experience.
The traps work best around submerged hydrilla.
Bump the stuff, or get it stuck in the stalks then rip it out.
This often provokes a vicious strike.
The traps also work on schooling fish.
Throw into the school and work it back.
Let the fish tell you if they want it fast or slow.

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