Stuck In A Rut? When Will You Find Happiness?

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Have you lost your happiness and don't know where to find it? Maybe its down the back of the sofa.
If you retrace your steps then your bound to find it.
You cannot find happiness, you can only "be" happy.
Happiness is about making a choice to be happy.
It's a state of mind, a way of looking at things, it doesn't change the facts of the situation.
If your cat has had kittens, and the washing machine has flooded the kitchen, and your wife "doesn't understand you," and you just watched Man Utd get beaten 3-0 at home by their arch rivals Man City, those are all actual, factual events that happened, it is entirely up to you how you deal with it.
"People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
" ~Abraham Lincoln The interesting thing about this quote from Lincoln is that he had what we can only call by any standard an extremely tough time of it.
His mother died when he was nine.
In his 20's he became a store owner with his partner, and when his partner died old Abe was left with a huge debt.
He was sued and then filed for bankruptcy.
He later became a Lawyer.
He tried to get into congress but was defeated twice because of his views on the abolition of slavery.
He married Mary Todd, (whose family were well-known slave owners and traders) they had four children and three of them would die before adulthood.
The death affected them both very badly, Mary already suffered from depression and the death of three out of four of their children only helped in making the matter worse.
Mary was sent to a Mental Asylum.
Lincoln was also diagnosed with depression.
He went on to get into congress and to become President of the United States of America.
You could be forgiven for saying that Abraham Lincoln didn't have an easy time of it.
And that was before he was assassinated at just 56 years of age.
With the trials and tribulations that he went through you wouldn't think that he would focus on happiness.
I think that when life is getting you down it's more about focusing on not being unhappy than it is about being happy.
If you can find something to be happy about all the better, but if not then search for something not to be unhappy about.
Compare the events that are keeping you stuck and making you unhappy to the events of Abraham Lincoln's life.
I am quite sure that the comparison will enable you to put things into perspective.
I would like to leave you with my favourite quote on happiness.
"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy"~Guillaume Apollinaire.

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