How to Replace GM Shocks

Most General Motors" sedans and coupes use struts in the front of the vehicle and shocks in the back for absorbing varying road impact. Other GM vehicles, such as the Chevy Silverado, still use four shocks to soften the ride. The type of GM you have does not matter because GM mounts all of its shock

How to Reprogram a 1992 Chevy Remote

Chevy vehicles have offered owners keyless entry remote systems since the early 1990s. Your 1992 Chevrolet can be equipped with this technology, and you can use the remote to control your vehicle from as far as a couple hundred feet away, whether you are in the house, a busy parking lot or a dark st

How to Replace Matiz Plugs

The Matiz is equipped with one spark plug per cylinder, for a total of 3 spark plugs on 3-cylinder models and 4 plugs on 4-cylinder models. You should change the spark plugs at least once per year, or more frequently if necessary. Bad spark plugs can cause engine misfires, poor fuel economy and po





Potty Training Your Dog, the Easy Way

The thought of having to train a puppy is often enough to deter some from experiencing all the joy and happiness they can bring.True, training a new puppy or dog can prove to be hard work from time to time, but it can also prove to be an enjoyable experience as well.The one part of training that see


How to find out if you need a dedicated server

If your online business is growing steadily and you get more and more visitors to your website then you may need to have a dedicated server for you website if you wish to remain competitive.


Food in Mexico: Visit the Local Molino (Mill) in Oaxaca for a Cooking Class

Whiles there's no substitute for a good cooking class in Mexico, while in Oaxaca consider paying a visit to a good Molino (mill) and learn some gems of information about food in Mexico. You'll learn culinary secrets of the Oaxacan kitchen that even the best schools don't teach.


How to Install an ACC Cabin Filter on a 2003 Subaru Legacy GT

The Subaru name in the United States dates back to 1968 when the automaker exported its first 332 vehicles to U.S. showrooms. The first Subaru to make it to America, the “360,” had a 356 cc, two-stroke engine that cranked out a pulse-slowing 25 horsepower. By 1990, Subaru had firmly ent